Since he was a young boy, Scot has been fascinated by “what makes people tick” and why some people become “Rock Stars” in their own sphere of life and why others burn out and fade away. With his degree in Behavior, Ferrell has successfully navigated individuals to miraculous results in their lives. Combined with his straight-talking, no-nonsense approach, Scot seems to have the magic key to unlock the secrets of reducing fear, doubt, anxiety and pain and creating a magical world of abundance, joy, fulfillment and purpose. Scot touches lives and changes outcomes through his personal one-on-one coaching, books, Rock Star Life membership, radio, television and speaking. If you want a life that rocks, come jam with the most unusual personal development guru you’ve ever met!

Personal Info

  • (888) 762-5461
  • CALL 1-888-ROC-KIN1
  • 78 Old Dawson Village Way, Suite 140-136 Dawsonville, GA 30534


Everyone knows that a Rock Star is only as good as those who share the stage with them. Here’s our crew!

Scot Ferrell

President, Scot Ferrell Companies

The media calls him “Dr. Phil Meets Pearl Jam,” you know him as “The Rock Star of Personal Development.”

Chanda Livesay

Scot Ferrell’s Manager

Scot’s business and tour manager.

Kelsey Stover

Kelsey is the Rock Star of Operations for our Crew-she keeps the tour on the road!

Patricia Ferrell


When you need “The Rock Star of Personal Development” on YOUR stage, Patricia is the one to call and book him!


Don’t just take our word for it-read the reviews of our shows!
Scot Ferrell is a long-haired, sunglasses-wearing combination of Bobby Knight, Dr. Phil and Bob Proctor. He is an American treasure.”

Erin Saxton

CEO, eleven Communications Publicity Former Producer of “The View” and “The Rosie Show”
Scot's focus is always on results, not your feelings. The results you'll achieve from following the steps in The Rock Star program will be extraordinary-for your life and your business!

Shellie Hunt

CEO, Success Is By Design, Founder of The Women of Global Change “First Lady of Entrepreneurs” Dame Shellie Hunt Honored by President Obama
The Rock Star Program will help you find your personal greatness-and then will lead you to help others find theirs.

Aaron Young

CEO, Laughlin Associates Published Author, Columnist, Blogger, Media Guest and Speaker


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