About Scot

National Expert

Scot is a nationally known authority on business behavior, human programming, family and marriage, parenting and finding purpose. What sets Scot apart is his “no-nonsense” straight talk delivery that focuses on achieving results.  National media outlets have deemed him “Dr. Phil Meets Pearl Jam,” in recognition of his strategies that provide solutions for emotionally-charged business and family environments.


  • Featured in Forbes magazine 
  • 2X National and International best-selling author for business-related books: “Power Principles for Success,” and “It’s Not Them, It’s You” – Rated #1 Business Book in Australia
  • Audiences benefit from his 40,000+ hours of behavioral work with executives, students, parents and couples
  • Trusted TV & radio expert: USA Today, Fox News, ABC, NBC, Wall Street Journal & CBS 
  • Awarded the Golden Quill Award (equivalent of an Emmy Award for writing)
  • Syndicated radio show host for USA Radio Network
  • State of Georgia Selection as a Designated Behavior Coach & Consultant for state employees and ExpressJet Airlines

What He Can Do For You

Scot Ferrell creates & delivers captivating speeches and books which clearly reveal how to execute the solutions you need in your life or business to achieve the results you want, regardless of how dire or desperate your situation. 

Scot is the founder of a private consulting and training company that teaches clients business, team/family cohesion and success strategies. 

He also teaches his congregation faith-based success principles built upon the Word of God. Learn more at EncounterChrist.org